The Clinic

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  • The Clinic

    The clinic consists of eight, 1-on-1, one hour sessions and provides an opportunity for intensive study of targeted reading and writing needs in K-12 students.
    • Student Support

      Bookworm Readers supports students who experience difficulty with reading and writing. Students interested in the clinic may experience minimal challenges with reading and writing, while other students may experience severe reading and writing difficulty. An individualized tutoring plan is tailored to the needs of each student to provide intensive and highly targeted sessions during the clinic.

    • Student Assessments

      Each student is evaluated using a collection of assessments. Assessment results are used to design an individualized tutoring plan. Lessons build on areas of strengths while addressing needs with instructional approaches that lead to improved reading and writing proficiency.

    • Clinic Dates

      Contact Somer for Availability

    • Clinic Rates

      Clinic: $450
      Individual Tutoring: $75/hour